The beginning of animation

Animation has its roots in flipbooks from over 400 years ago, where they were used to animate… well… what else other than erotic images? 😉 There are different types of animation today, but computer animation through 3d modelling or 2D animation is the most common.

Paula Kluukeri

Paula Kluukeri

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

“Animation is an industry-independent and cost-effective presentation method. In addition, animation stands the test of time better compared to traditional video!”

See below for examples of our work

TOPI animaatio Whitestonelle, kansikuva

TOPI-animation for Whitestone

DESTIA turva-animaatio, kansikuva

DESTIA security animation

DESTIA palveluanimaatio, kansikuva

DESTIA services animation

FINE ohjeanimaatio, kansikuva

FINE instructional animation

FINE selitysanimaatio, kansikuva

FINE explanatory animation

REMOMEDI mainosanimaatio, kansikuva

REMOMEDI advertising animations

DESTIA palveluanimaatio, kansikuva

DESTIA services animation

EVpay mainosanimaatio, kansikuva

EVpay advertising animation

itTaxibox selitysanimaatio-kansikuva

itTaxibox explanatory animation

Animointi: DryDouble mainosanimaatio-kansikuva

DryDouble advertising animation

Animointi: Poickeus mainosanimaatio, kansikuva

Poickeus advertising animation

Book a Taxi mainosanimaatio, kansikuva

itTaxibox explanatory animation

Animations are often stylized for several reasons. For example, modern devices today could be considered outdated a year from now. This can also be true for designs, structures and interfaces. To avoid this, a more artistic, timeless style of device can be presented. The viewer can see what it is, but without the current trending features that may be short-lived. Stylizing can also be related to the style of the animation.

One of the key tools in animation is exaggeration. For example, an animation where a ball falls on a table. In animation, it often flattens unrealistically and its speed can fluctuate excessively, bouncing up and hanging in the air for a while. Expressions and gestures are also exaggerated to emphasize a feeling or event. Without exaggeration, an animation appears dull.

Matias Konttinen

Matias Konttinen

3D & Video Generalist

“I often add 3D elements to animations to increase depth and give the visuals that extra oomph.”

The main steps in the animation process are scripting, visualization, animation, sound design, and editing. Each step of the animation process takes time, therefore it is important for the animator to work closely with the client during production. A large number of images and references are used during the process to increase production efficiency.

Animation at Poickeus

At Poickeus, we frequently use animation in projects for our clients. Here are a few examples.


We 3D modelled construction equipment and services. This way, we could “fly” with the camera between different stages and showcase the many services Destia has to offer. We created various 2D animations of job safety for different subjects.


We animated Nicorette’s 2D user guide and training videos to facilitate product training for the distribution channel staff. We also made several 3D animations for TV commercials and other video ads outside Finland. They were displayed in Nordic countries, Ireland and the United Kingdom. We chose 3D animations for product ads to bring realistic product images to life and present them attractively.


We made several explanatory animations in which complex topics related to finance and insurance were broken down into simple, easy to understand steps.

Instructional videos

Instructional videos are popular, and for good reason! New tools make it possible to create appealing and entertaining “draw and erase” animations.

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Humppilan Terveysasema

Humppilantie 24, 31640 Humppila

Iittalan terveysasema

Alvarinkuja, 14500 Hämeenlinna

Rengon terveysasema

Rengonraitti 28, 14300 Hämeenlinna

Riihimäen pääterveysasema

Kontiontie 77, 11100 Riihimäki

Tervakosken terveysasema

Kivimiehentie 2, 12400 Tervakoski

Janakkalan terveysasema

Tapailanpiha 13 B, 14200 Janakkala

Idänpään terveysasema

Anttilankatu 4, 13210 Hämeenlinna


Pappilanniementie 9, 13880 Hattula


Vihniöntie 5, 14700 Hauho

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