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Creative design and efficient production

Poickeus is an advertising agency located in Vantaa, Finland. Founded in 2003, we are a trusted partner of businesses of all sizes to achieve their advertising and marketing goals. From startups to large publicly traded companies, our team seamlessly adapts to every client’s needs with our wide range of expertise and dedicated service.

At Poickeus, forging strong, lasting relationships with our clients is paramount to our success. To us, success is not defined by the completion of a single project or a short-term goal. It is gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, consistently delivering high quality customized solutions for every project, and having a lasting positive impact on their businesses for many years to come.

Our agency also prides itself on our flat organizational structure. We strive to build a collaborative environment where every employee is encouraged and empowered to contribute. Giving them the freedom to express themselves unlocks new ideas and perspectives, driving innovative solutions to even the most difficult challenges.

To learn more about our services, please continue reading below.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer, soon to be called Kenvue, have been outgrowing markets with our key Brands. For this we have had Poickeus as a trusted and valuable marketing partner using their strength in creating physical and digital marketing assets attracting consumers and shoppers.

Tonny Krogh

Nordic Head of SelfCare NRT Activation

Johnson & Johnson

Consumer Health

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the modern evolution of marketing and advertising, using new channels to engage with an audience and potential customers. The core elements remain the same, utilizing text, images and video, but with additional tools such as online analytics to more accurately measure a campaign’s results.


Entertain with videos!

Videos are an expressive, effective and entertaining medium for marketing by being pleasant to watch and easily shareable via social media.

Poickeus offers video production and localization for various uses, such as corporate, promotional and educational content. They range from short, Point of Sale (POS) campaign videos to long tutorial videos for user guidance.

Read more to see the full range of our video production services!


Do you have a product that proves difficult to visualize, or a service with a flow that is hard to articulate in words?

With three-dimensional (3D) graphics, we can bring stories to life when they are too difficult to express via traditional means. It allows us to produce visually fresh and impressive materials, from stylized to realistic. It also offers flexible implementation in advertising or informational materials.

Contact us – let us create your own distinguished style now!

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Graphic design

Graphic design is a broad field associated with almost all marketing solutions. It can be anything from a design of a corporate image to advertising in print media.

An experienced designer is able to adapt to a project’s unique needs and deliver effective solutions for achieving its goals.

We offer a range of dedicated specialists to assist clients in various areas of expertise, such as corporate branding, presentations and infographics.

Print media

Print media is alive and well, even in the digital age. It supports and complements digital communication and is often used individually as a medium for advertising and communication. Printed materials are widely used at trade fairs, where the stands are designed to attract and inform attendees. It also has the capability to create powerful sensory experiences. The feel of the materials, special effects and even fragrances can support and expand a brand beyond visual stimuli. 

We design and produce point of sale (POS) materials for brands like Nicorette, Listerine and many other Johnson & Johnson products sold in grocery stores and pharmacies. Displays, stickers and other elements are frequently used to catch a customer’s attention, highlight a product’s unique features and boost sales.

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