Videos and video editing

Entertain with videos!

Poickeus has been producing and localising videos for various uses:

  • promotional
  • corporate
  • demonstration
  • educational

They have ranged from shorter, point of sale (POS) campaign videos to longer instructional videos for user guidance.

We work on video projects on a comprehensive basis; creating scripts, video shooting, editing, animating, sound design and recording are all completed at our own studio.

Matias Konttinen

Matias Konttinen

3D & Video Generalist

“I have been able to be involved in many interesting video projects for clients from various fields around the Nordic countries. The most well-known ones include Nicorette, Estrella, O.B, Destia and Janssen.”

The strength of a video

Videos allow us to present products, instructions, discounts and current events. They can also evoke emotions with things like tempting flavours.

Modern video commercials are often animated with newer video editing tools. In addition, you may see many examples in commercials where animation, video footage and 3D modelled animation are blended together.

Drone video

Drone video refers to video footage captured and recorded by a remotely controlled camera drone. These devices are equipped with cameras capable of capturing high-resolution videos and images from a unique perspective. Aerial photography using drones has gained significant popularity in recent years. 

Olli Haveri

Olli Haveri

Managing Director / CEO

“I’ve been using drones as a tool for ten years and the development has been absolutely insane. Today the quality of the images and video is top notch even in difficult conditions. It perfectly suits most of our customers’ needs.”

Drone footage can be used in various environments, including marketing and advertising, film and tv production, as well as sports and journalism. Some common examples include capturing beautiful landscapes, showcasing properties, and documenting events.

Utilizing drone videos in marketing can be an effective and easy way to showcase your company’s brand, products, services, or even a new office space.

Please get in touch if you’re in need of a fresh perspective for your company’s marketing materials!

Benefits of drone videos

1. Unique Perspective

Drone videos provide a unique aerial perspective, capturing stunning visuals and offering a fresh viewpoint that can captivate viewers. This helps to make marketing materials more engaging and memorable.

2. Enhanced Visual Appeal

Aerial shots captured by drones add visual appeal to marketing videos, making them more visually striking and immersive. This can significantly enhance the overall quality and aesthetics of the content.

3. Showcasing Locations and Properties

Drones enable marketers to showcase locations, properties, and landscapes in a dynamic and comprehensive way. This is particularly beneficial for real estate companies, tourism promotions, and destination marketing.

4. Increased Engagement

Incorporating drone footage in marketing campaigns has been shown to increase user engagement. According to a study by Animoto, videos in general receive 4 times more engagement than static content on social media platforms.

5. Improved Brand Perception

Utilizing drone videos in marketing can help portray your brand as innovative, forward-thinking, and technologically advanced. This can enhance the perception of your company and its offerings among potential customers.

See below for examples of our work

Video 1

DIETA promotional videos

Video 2

WellO2 TV Ad

Video 3

Icare promotional video

Video 4

DESTIA promotional video

Video 5

EVpay promotional video

Video 6

DESTIA VT8 promotional video

Video 7

Icare instructional video

Video 8

Tonovet promotional video

Video 9

Video ad for screen

What can be done with a pre-existing video?

Our work frequently involves localisation. For example, a client may need to air a TV commercial in Nordic countries. To prepare it for broadcast, we will add the correct logos, product images and elements suitable for the target market. Next, we will record voice overs, do sound editing, then finally distribute the finished material.

Some clients have video materials they want to shorten or update visually, or to add and remove products. One of our clients DIETA had multiple videos where existing material was cut to add animations and music.

Companies often have materials they could use for making a video. We can leverage this by identifying what it could be used with. Company and brand videos often consist of both image and video materials.

Matias Konttinen

Matias Konttinen

3D & Video Generalist

“If your videos need localisation, have seen better days and need an update to modern times or for example just text changes feel free contact us. With our long experience, you can be sure that almost everything is possible.”

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