Companies and brands we have helped over the years:

Videos and Video Editing

Entertain with videos!

Poickeus has been producing and localising videos for various uses:

  • promotional
  • corporate
  • demonstration
  • educational
  • They have ranged from shorter, point of sale (POS) campaign videos to longer instructional videos for user guidance.

    We work on video projects on a comprehensive basis; creating scripts, video shooting, editing, animating, sound design and recording are all completed at our own studio.

    The strength of a video

    Videos allow us to present products, instructions, discounts and current events. They can also evoke emotions with things like tempting flavours.

    Modern video commercials are often animated with newer video editing tools. In addition, you may see many examples in commercials where animation, video footage and 3D modelled animation are blended together.

    See below for examples of our work.

    Video 1

    DIETA promotional videos

    Video 2

    WellO2 TV Ad

    Video 3

    Icare promotional video

    Video 4

    DESTIA promotional video

    Video 5

    EVpay promotional video

    Video 6

    DESTIA VT8 promotional video

    Video 7

    Icare instructional video

    Video 8

    Tonovet promotional video

    Video 9

    Video ad on screen

    What can be done with a pre-existing video?

    Our work frequently involves localisation. For example, a client may need to air a TV commercial in Nordic countries. To prepare it for broadcast, we will add the correct logos, product images and elements suitable for the target market. Next, we will record voice overs, do sound editing, then finally distribute the finished material.

    Some clients have video materials they want to shorten or update visually, or to add and remove products. One of our clients DIETA had multiple videos where existing material was cut to add animations and music.

    Companies often have materials they could use for making a video. We can leverage this by identifying what it could be used with. Company and brand videos often consist of both image and video materials.

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    Test Caption
    Test Description goes like this

    Humppilan Terveysasema

    Humppilantie 24, 31640 Humppila

    Iittalan terveysasema

    Alvarinkuja, 14500 Hämeenlinna

    Rengon terveysasema

    Rengonraitti 28, 14300 Hämeenlinna

    Riihimäen pääterveysasema

    Kontiontie 77, 11100 Riihimäki

    Tervakosken terveysasema

    Kivimiehentie 2, 12400 Tervakoski

    Janakkalan terveysasema

    Tapailanpiha 13 B, 14200 Janakkala

    Idänpään terveysasema

    Anttilankatu 4, 13210 Hämeenlinna


    Pappilanniementie 9, 13880 Hattula


    Vihniöntie 5, 14700 Hauho

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